Podcast: Tifo Football’s Alex Stewart and Champions League Places Chat

By Jason McKenna and Alex Stewart

To fill the football shaped holes in both our lives Alex and I teamed up to put together an in depth analysis of the teams currently vying for the Champions League spots. Liverpool, Manchester City and Leicester are all out of reach so the teams we concentrate on are from Chelsea down to Arsenal in the league table. There is a lot of tactical discussion and a bundle of data too. We both this helps stave off your boredom and gives you some great insights for when the football returns. A huge thank you to Alex for his time and make sure to check out the amazing stuff he is doing over at Tifo.

On top of this podcast I will be releasing all the data and analysis used to write the script for this in a separate article so that you can join in the discussions! There will be further podcasts and analysis of all the teams in the league. So stay tuned.

We both wish you well and hope you and your families are keeping safe at this time. The best way to ensure security for all is to Stay At Home and keep social distancing.

Coming up over the next few weeks Seb and I have some fun discussions lined up over the coming weeks so make sure to follow our twitter, join in with the community chat and keep an eye out for our latest articles or podcasts so you are kept entertained!

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